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 Vol 6 No 3 september 2015
 Editors Page
Korean Society for Mass Spectrometry (KSMS) published the first issue of Mass Spectrometry Letters in December 2010. As an associate editor of Mass Spectrometry Letters it has been a great pleasure for me to witness the development of Mass Spectrometry Letters. Each issue of Mass Spectrometry Letters contains at least five excellent articles. Now Mass Spectrometry Letters is indexed in Scopus and Korea Citation Index. The number of submissions from the countries other than Korea is continuously increasing. We hope to see that Mass Spectrometry Letters becomes a journal representing many international scientists who would like to publish their articles in a speedy manner. The review process usually takes less than two weeks.
The current issue contains a review article providing a genuine information on the characterization of erythropoietin glycome and four research letters on optimum radius size of ion traps, N-alkyl/benzyl Isatin derivatives, Peltier heating assisted low temperature plasma ionization, trace analysis of uranium and plutonium using MCICP- MS, and MALDI-TOF analysis of binding between DNA and peptides containing lysine and tryptophan.

This summer KSMS held 2015 KSMS summer conference in Pusan, Korea from August 19th to 21st, hosting more than 400 scientists. Next summer conference will be held in Gyeongju, Korea from August 17th to 19th, 2016. Gyeongju, located in southeast Korea, was the capital of the Silla Kingdom for a thousand years. I hope to see you all next year in the beautiful historical city.

Jeongkwon Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Chungnam National University
Department of Chemistry

53 MS Platform for Erythropoietin Glycome Characterization  
  Mass spectrometry, Erythropoietin, Glycosylation, Glycomics
  Youngsuk Seo, Unyong Kim, Na Young Yun, Hyun Joo An  
59 Optimum Radius Size between Cylindrical Ion Trap and Quadrupole Ion Trap
  Quadrupole ion trap, cylindrical ion trap, optimum radius size, fifth order Runge Kutta method, stability regions, ion trajectory, fractional mass resolution
  Sarkhosh Seddighi Chaharborj, Seyyed Mahmod Sadat Kiai, Norihan Md Arifin, Yousof Gheisari
65 Synthesis and Fragmentation Behavior Study of n-alkyl/benzyl Isatin Derivatives Present in Small/Complex Molecules: Precursor for the Preparation of Biological Active Heterocycles
  Isatin, N-Alkyl/aryl isatin, Fragmentation behavior, Heterocycles
  Adnan A. Kadi, Nasser S. Al-Shakliah, A. F. M. Motiur Rahman
71 Peltier Heating-Assisted Low Temperature Plasma Ionization for Ambient Mass Spectrometry
  low temperature plasma ionization, Peltier heating, volatility, fatty acid ethyl ester
  Hyoung Jun Lee, Ji-Seon Oh, Jeong Hee Moon, Jeong-hoon Kim, Sung Goo Park, Byoung Chul Park, Gi Ryang Kweon, Yong-Hyeon Yim
75 Validation of Bulk Analysis with Simulated Swipe Samples Containing Ultra-Trace Amounts of Uranium and Plutonium Using MC-ICP-MS
  Bulk analysis, Environmental samples, Chemical separation, IDMS, MC-ICP-MS
  Sang Ho Lim, Sun-Ho Han, Jong-Ho Park, Ranhee Park, Min Young Lee, Jinkyu Park, Chi-Gyu Lee, Kyuseok Song
80 MALDI-TOF Analysis of Binding between DNA and Peptides Containing Lysine and Tryptophan
  MALDI-TOF, DNA Binding Peptide, Lysine and Tryptophan-containing Peptide, Non-covalent DNA-Peptide Binding  
  Seonghyun Lee, Sojeong Choe, Yeeun Oh, Kyubong Jo

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